Keenan Santos : Men who stand up for Women



2 Comments to “Keenan Santos : Men who stand up for Women”

  1. How Keenan Diedby Benjamin Fernandez on Thursday, 27 October 2011 at 06:41It happened so fast, we were surrounded from all sides, there was no way out, we all knew we had to fight till the end, we weren’t going to let them kill us so easily without a fight. Keenan kept fighting even after getting stabbed twice. He looked defiantly into the eyes of the killer even after the fatal third stab to his chest while he was lying defenceless on the ground. Reuben kept fighting without stopping, and when he saw keenan had given up just lying defenceless on the ground, he stood over keenan and said “usko kya maar raha hai, mere ko maar”… He kept up the fight even after getting stabbed and fought them off relentlessly, right till the time we managed to get keenan inside the restaurant. Those goons got scared seeing that keenan and reuben had kept on fighting, with no fear at all. Come what may we weren’t going to give up till the last breath, and they saw that. We knew they were not going to stop till the four of us were lifeless, and we were ready to die if there was no way out. Keenan was always a braveheart, and he would sacrifice his life a thousand times over, even for a stranger he barely knew. He believed that only God could decide when it was his time, not his killers. “ladne ke liye jaan nahi, JIGAR ki zaroorat hota hai” he would tell that to all his close friends who were afraid to stand up for themselves. Lets listen to Keenan, I am not afraid, and ready to sacrifice my life for the right cause. Do you have JIGAR? Are u ready to stand for what is right, or just stand by and watch without helping like the 2 dozen people who saw it happening that night? Speak up, come forward, find JIGAR. And then we can make sure that another innocent life is not lost to the people who don’t value a life and would kill in cold blood without guilt or remorse. These were hardened criminals who have murdered in cold blood before and came with the intent to kill. But together we have the power to stand up to such cold blooded criminals. We just need to stand united and fight. Let your voices be heard. Find the JIGAR and our friend’s sacrifice will not go in vain. – Benjamin Fernandez. I was there, I saw it happen, and now you know how it went down. Remember Keenan. Love you Keena and I still stand for everything you stood up for even if it means sacrificing my life, ALWAYS… Benji The Press Story: Friends: is happening now:!/search/keenansantos

  2. Bravehearts!!! But these boys and girls could have used a little more judgement and tried to save their lives by entering the restaurant. Anyways, it’s too late now but it is a lesson for all of us to not just stand and watch such incidents. Let’s unite to fight evil in all forms of life.

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