What kind of a sicko rapes a 7 yr old? | Violence Against Women in India Report: November 03, 2011

  1. What kind of a sicko does that to a 7 year old? I wonder what goes on in his soul. More than that, my heart weeps for the pain that the 7 year old baby is going through as i write this daily report. What horrors this must leave in her mind forever. How this will affect her future. Will she get the counselling that she needs? Will she be shunned by the Society forever? The Accused ofcourse will get the punishment he deserves. I do have faith in the judiciary though i believe that the scale of punishment is not in keeping with the magnitude of the crime that is committed. Raping a 7 year old innocent girl who had no idea what she just went through must be treated as ” Rarest of Rare Cases”. But from the knowledge that i have gained by tracking such cases, he would probably get a 10 years Rigorous imprisonment and a cursory fine of 10,000 INR.
    My mind wanders back to the girl. After 15 years when she gets married, and if her husband comes to know about this. Why do i get this feeling that he will abandon her. Infact i am quite sure that he will cite this very reason to abandon her. Wont he? How many of you disagree? I dont think many will not opine otherwise, especially if you are from India. Indian Society is a perfect example of how “Society that was once invented to help the people who live in it has taken up evil proportions”. Instead of People defining how a Society Should be, its Society defining how each and everyone under it should be. I dont think i will be able to sleep tonight, just like many other nights. So many atrocities on a daily basis and everyone seems to be worried about a 1.82 INR fuel price hike. I silently wait for the day when India would raise its voice. Till then, will continue what i have been doing. Tirelessly and non-stop. “The Bigger the Challenge, the greater will be my Effort. I Promise”
    Case Updates on some of the cases that are being tracked at maps4aid: You can click on the links to be taken to the full story. The Original Report as well as the Case Update details link are available.
  2. CaseUpdate: “Bhanwari Devi case: CBI quizzes Congress MLA’s sister” http://t.co/L6dXWs1Z | Report #305 http://t.co/2TlfZ9BQ

    November 3, 2011 10:37:59 AM EDT
  3. CaseUpdate: Banda rape: CBI agrees with police, says MLA’s brother tortured victim http://t.co/UZHK0J1S | Report #336 http://t.co/zU6dRUpA

    November 3, 2011 10:24:35 AM EDT
  4. CaseUpdate: Gang-rape victim a ‘sleepwalker’ http://t.co/OnCAdj0v | Report #356 http://t.co/YNizi0fZ Woman gangraped by 3 in moving rickshaw

    November 3, 2011 2:11:15 AM EDT
  5. Incidents of Violence Against Women reported in India today: You can clink on the Links to be taken to the Full Report with the details at our Ushahidi maps4aid Crisis Mapping Deployment.


One Comment to “What kind of a sicko rapes a 7 yr old? | Violence Against Women in India Report: November 03, 2011”

  1. heart and soul cries reading all the violence and sexual harassment against women and small girls. life of a women is very tough and challenging in indian society.hope and pray one day these articles stop coming and women live in peace

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