November 10, 2011: Violence Against Women in India Report

  1. Case Updates on some of the cases that are being tracked at maps4aid: You can click on the links to be taken to the full story. The Original Report as well as the Case Update details link are available
  2. CaseUpdate: Bhanwari case: CBI grills ex-Rajasthan minister | maps4aid Report #305
  3. In the aftermath of the Amboli murders, Restaurants in Mumbai gear up to prevent another tragedy #StreetHarassment
  4. Incidents of Violence Against Women reported in India today: You can clink on the Links to be taken to the Full Report with the details at our Ushahidi maps4aid Crisis Mapping Deployment.
  5. TODAY- 14 yr old gang raped in Ghaziabad. Threatened with video clip. 1 Arrested.
  6. TODAY- Death penalty to man for strangulating his three day old daughter on January 21 2010. #femicide
  7. TODAY- Man sentenced to life for raping and murdering 6 yr old girl in October 2010. Uttar Pradesh #vaw #India
  8. TODAY- Abusive husband sets 8 month pregnant wife on fire after a fight. Victim fighting for life with 90% burns.
  9. 25 yr old woman alleges being drugged and raped. Ahmedabad #vaw #india
  10. TODAY- 3 held for misbehaving with woman on East Coast Road, Chennai #StreetHarassment #vaw

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