November 13, 2011: Violence Against Women in India Report | Why is India tolerating rapists?

  1. In the Month of October alone, 70 cases of rape were reported in the Indian Media. Why is India tolerating Rapists? Why are rapists let to wader free in the streets? When will India become safe for its women again?
  2. Incidents of Violence Against Women reported in India today: You can clink on the Links to be taken to the Full Report with the details at our Ushahidi maps4aid Crisis Mapping Deployment.
  3. TODAY- 35 yr old Birsu Orang killed in the name of witch hunting near Guwahati #vaw #India
  4. Over 20000 girls belonging to Chhattisgarh’s tribal areas SOLD in the last 8 yrs #HumanTrafficking #India
  5. Today- 30 yr old man arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a 4 yr old child. Goa #stopabuse
  6. TODAY- Pregnant womans death in accidental fire raises doubts. Nagpur #vaw #India
  7. TODAY- Dowry Death: 20 yr old Kiran from Uttar Pradesh dies under mysterious circumstances. #vaw #india
  8. TODAY- Fed up with her husbands extra marital affairs, pregnant woman ends life. Allahabad #vaw #india
  9. TODAY- Man and brothers booked for abducting wife. Victims whereabouts still unknown. Mumbai #vaw #india
  10. TODAY- 21 yr old youth arrested for allegedly kidnapping, raping & keeping a minor girl in illegal detention. #vaw
  11. TODAY- 30 yr old woman alleges rape. Chandigarh. Accused has been Arrested. #vaw #India
  12. For 3 months now, a fathers desperate attempts to trace his 15 yr old daughter

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