30 Reports of Police Atrocities on Women in India

On the night of  October 5,2011 , from 12 midnight to 2:30 am, SP Ankit Garg called me into a room in the police station, gave me electric shocks, took my clothes off and severely tortured me. Why has no action been taken against him? asks Soni Sori in a letter.

On November 26,2011

A medical report filed in the Supreme Court by a special medical team of a Kolkata hospital on Friday backed allegations raised by Maoist sympathiser Soni Sori that she was tortured in police custody in Chhattisgarh. reported removal of certain “foreign objects” from her private parts

Since September, I have documented and tracked more than 600 Reports of Violence Against Women in India. Going through the archives, i was able to dig out 30 Verified reports of Crimes against women where the Police and Armed Forces are themselves the perpetrators. Its important to bring to your attention that i only have access to Media Reports presently, and the actual number of reports will be much higher.

The map below is a collection of the reports. Please allow the map a minute to load from the GoogleMap Servers. You can click on the Individual Incident Markers to get information on the reports. For a more detailed report, Please click on the “Read More” Link on each Report Description and you will be taken to the Original Source of the Report at maps4aid.com which is Tracking and Documenting Reports of Violence Against Women in India to raise awareness about the Spread of VAW and to encourage citizens to take action.

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