About Us

Salutations & Greetings!
We would like to introduce ourselves as an ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) Initiative based in India Fighting to End Violence Against Women in India with our various initiatives. Out project is 2 month old now and we have received a positive feedback from our supporters and other Organizations who are fighting for the same cause. With that in mind, we have decided to step up our activities and take the initiative full time and build up a group of e-volunteers who will assist us in this cause.
The Following are the initiatives that we have taken:
1. Crisis Map & Reporting Platform of Violence Against Women(VAW) in India – Ushahidi Deployment Tracking and Mapping the Spread of Violence Against Women in India and what actions are being taken. Visit the map here [More than 500 Reports Added in 2 months]. This is integrated with a Nation Wide Reporting Platform for VAW launched in November. Report via SMS, Android App, iPhone App, Web Form, Email. Publicity and Reported Mobilization in progress. Read more here
2. A Nationwide helplines Crowdmap for India – Crowdmap Deployment with Information regarding Various Help available to Victims of VAW. The helplines map is being actively crowdsourced by our e-volunteers who are putting the data together with as much information they can gather. Read more about this here.
3. An e-Volunteer Portal based on the TeamLab framework which connects Volunteers and also adds up as a safe place for Victims if VAW to share their stories with the our closed community. Members can write blogs, join closed forums, Online Chat, Web Events and many more features. Volunteers join as a “leaf” and then they get upgraded based on their activities and involvement to “Branch”, “Fruits”, “Roots” 🙂 Read more here.
4. Nation Wide VAW Report Statistics for 2010 compiled from Govt. Sources. Read more here.
5. A Campaign Poster collection hoping to Make an impact with visual aids. All events/ideas inspired from reports of our crisis map. See Collection here
6. Weekly Google Map Reports with a collection of maps4aid reports for that week. See sample here
7. Daily VAW Reports with a collection of Reports from maps4aid for that day. See here.
8. blogs4aid – A Campaign Site to assist the maps4aid Initiative. Visit Us here.
9. Twitter Campaign here.
10. Facebook Campaign here
A lot of initiatives have been started and i have been taking them forward. Its a one person effort for the time being but with more and more volunteers being added on a daily basis, i will be able to find more content and outreach in each of the above mentioned initiatives. We seek your feedback on our initiative and how we can improve ourselves.
Thank You so much for your valuable time.

3 Comments to “About Us”

  1. This a very important initiative. I wish you all and speedy success! Violence and discrimination against women and children should never be tolerated in any society that believes in justice, truth and mutual respect!

  2. Hi,
    My name is Anu Prabhakar and I work for DNA newspaper as a feature reporter. I am currently writing an article on women’s safety and the harassment women face. Could you please get back to me at anuprabhakar184@gmail.com so that we can take this discussion forward?


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