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December 22, 2011

One Mission – Stop Violence Against Women

One Mission - Stop Violence Against Women

On March 14, 1972: Irom Chanu Sharmila also known as the “Iron Lady of Manipur” was born.  A civil rights and political activist who has been an idol and a source of inspiration to me in keeping this fight alive. As a mark of respect to her indomitable spirit in fighting for what is right, on March 14, 2012 the One Mission = Stop Violence Against Women Campaign will be held.

Stop Violence Against Women Saree:

A cotton saree with 2000 documented reports of violence against women taken from printed on it.  Miniature versions of awareness posters also will be printed on the sarees. A list of bloggers taking part in the event along with their blog entry will also be printed as shown in the image below. Once printed, the sarees along with a detailed PDF report of the 200o documented incidents of Violence Against Women, 100 Blogs entries in PDF e-book Format and an album collection of the posters will be sent out 10 chosen decision makers in the country. This list will be decided by conducting a poll and noting down all your suggestions.

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November 12, 2011

Mumbai – Stop Harassing Me!

Ever since maps4aid started, i had always wanted to bring about a crowd/citizen mapping event that will help us to map out the streets of India which are dangerous for its women. I decided to start out with Mumbai where after the unfortunate incident at Amboli, there is a public outcry against street sexual harassment. The intention of this mapping event is to provide a simple (very simple!) way to report the locations where YOU think Street Harassment and Abuse is very prevalent.

Some examples of what can you Report?
1. A street that is not well lit during the night, thus making it unsafe for women who are coming back from work.
2. A place where a group/gang of people is always harassing passers by. Lewd comments. Abusive words.
3. Public places which you would not venture out to because you think its unsafe for women.
These are just examples. Feel free to report anything that you feel is becoming a nuisance for the women in mumbai.

How can you Report?
1. By tweeting your report/observation on TWITTER with the hashtag #vawmumbai
2. By Leaving a Post on our Facebook Events Page : Mumbai – Stop Harassing me! Facebook Event Page
3. By sending an SMS to 77362 56298
4. By Sending an EMAIL to
5. Visit the Live Map : Mumbai – Stop Harassing Me! Map and click “Submit A Report” Link

What will maps4aid do with this?
You report will be mapped at a crowdmap i created and is available at Mumbai – Stop Harassing Me! Map. Once the Event is complete, the reports will be put together and made into a statistics map based on location of reports and available freely for anyone to use. The intention is to help the Police and other NGOs who are working to eliminate street harassment from the streets of mumbai and providing them with a crisis map that will point out the most dangerous places for women in the city.

When is the Event Starting and till when can i report?

Event will be active from November 14-21 2011.  The map will go live on November 14th, so you can actually see the reports and the crisis map taking shape. You can comment on reports made by others.

What About Verification?

Verification will also be done by people from Mumbai.  You can comment on each of the reports at Mumbai – Stop Harassing Me! Map and rate the credibility of each report by using simple rating button available!

This is a Community Event, So spread the Word! Be a Reporter and let us know what you want to change to make Mumbai – a Safer Place.

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