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November 1, 2011

Welcome to “ The Tree”


A very warm welcome to the new members of our online e-volunteer office a.k.a “The Tree”. Just wanted to run you through a few quick aspects that you should know.

When you sent a request to join the Group, i get an email with the details you provided. These details help me to create Departments/Sub-Groups that will help me to better identify the small ways in which you help this project to go forward. I am based out of Kerala, in a small town just near the Beautiful Silent Valley National Park. Amazing Views but also there are restrictions to the online time available owing to power cuts and a very unstable internet at times. So, apologies for not sending you the invites earlier. My intention with starting the Tree is to make this a crowd project where everyone can involve themselves and contribute in their own little ways to this really big fight we have in front of us. I have heard some people say “There is no point in contributing to Social/Development Work unless you can commit yourself for a long time.” Well, i dont agree with that. I think everyone should be given an opportunity and a platform to help in whatever they can. And that is the driving force behind the Tree. I believe that its the responsibility of the Organization and the Core Team to come up with innovative ways in which even a 5 minute help from a volunteer will stand out in the long run. At the end of the day, Everyone has a life to get back to, there are commitments and responsibilities. You can hop into the Tree from your computer whenever you have time, go around the various forums, ask the admin for some small tasks and then log out. Visit the Tree after a Year and we will be happy to welcome you back and give you another small task. I call this “CrowdSourcing Help”. And something that may or maynot stand the test of time. But its worth the effort and time.

Why “The Tree”?

Well i could not come up with a more creative name but when i was thinking of college days, i remembered that we all used to sit under the tree and discuss ideas on how we could make this world a better place to live in. A safer World for you, me and everyone. We would have round of milkshakes and a few “free” snacks and then go on with our college life (Not to be mistaken with Academic Stuff!) But when i think back about those times, i always remember how that tree was so important to us, kept us together throughout the five years we were there in college. A place of solace and ideas. A place which we called home. So thats the story behind the name for this group.


The Initiation:

If you have reached this post via some other source, You will have to register yourself with us here .

Once your request is received, You will receive an invitation from TeamLab to join the Group. Our Portal Address is

You will be asked to register yourself and provide some details that will help you to be introduced to other members of the team. if you are a victim and prefer to be anonymous, you can avoid giving those details. Once you enter the e-office, you will find that there will be numerous ways to connect with people. You can do an online chat, write a blog for others to notice, join the forums, take up tasks and keep us posted. Its fairly simple to use and though there are some official terms involved, please dont mind it and just use it in any way you like.


For Victims:

If you are a victim of Violence Against Women, you can connect with our angels, volunteers, seek help from Lawyers and whoever joins the group. We are in our initial stages now and will be coming up with innovative ways to help you even more. But i think the biggest help that is required is to be able to share your story with someone who is willing to listen. And our angels will do just that for you. You can meet others who are also on the same page of life as you are and listen to them. Be their support and gather strength from the support others provide you with. You can stay anonymous and only give out your details to the ones you trust. Every form of communication is available at the moment. From Online chats to private messages. If you have contacted us via SMS, we will send out Helplines and advice to your number directly after discussing with the volunteers. details to you after sharing your story with the NGOs ourselves and finding out if their help will be best for you.


Task for Volunteer ?

Tasks will be different from person to person based on their skills. You can prefer to be an “Angel” who can talk to victims of abuse and violence against women. You can hear them out and be their friend. Meet them online whenever you have time. Counsel them and be their Strength. If you are a person with Legal Knowledge, You can answer queries from victims or help us put together a simple FAQ that other volunteers can use in your absence. There is a lot of information about NGOs on the internet but the sad fact is that most of the info is outdated, as a verification volunteer, you will be provided with a 2 line detail of an NGO that we gathered from the net. You can call them up and put it into our online helplines map. You can be a SMS Reported for maps4aid, texting out incidents of violence against women as you see them. You can add reports at our site with a simple form when you hear of an incident. Share the news with others using the maps4aid platform. There are a million ways in which you can help. Seriously, a million! We can think about it as the tree grows. Wont we? 🙂

So welcome aboard!

Once again, Welcome! Do Leave your comments here if you want to know more.

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